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A Joint Resolution for Implementing Republic Act No. 11552 Entitled "An Act Extending and Enhancing the Implementation of the Lifeline Rate, Amending for the Purpose, Section 73 of Republic Act No. 9136, Otherwise Known as the 'Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001,' as Amended by Republic Act No. 10150" – 1  2  3  4

In the Matter of the Application for the Issuance of Rules on the Price Determination Methodology for the Implementation of the Co-Optimized Energy and Reserve Market in the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market
ERC Case No. 2023-002 RC – Notice of Virtual Hearing and Order, February 10, 2023


In the Matter of the Application for Approval of the Power Supply Agreement Between Energy Development Corporation and Dagupan Electric Corporation, with Prayer for Provisional Authority and Motion for Confidential Treatment of Information
ERC Case No. 2022-082 RC – Notice of Virtual Hearing and Order, November 23, 2022

Application for:
(A) Confirmation of True-up Calculations of the Actual Weighted Average Tariff vis-à-vis ERC-approved Maximum Average Rate for the Lapsed Regulatory Years; and
(B) Approval of the Final Refund/Collect Scheme to Account for the Lapsed Regulatory Years
ERC Case No. 2022-057 RC – Notice of Virtual Hearing and Order, September 05, 2022


Petition for Rule-Change to Amend Resolution on the Recovery of Pass-Through Taxes (Real Property, Local Franchise, and Business Taxes) of Distribution Utilities Promulgated as ERC Resolution No. 02, Series of 2021
ERC Case No. 2021-002 RM – Notice of Proposed Rule-Making and Order, July 28, 2021

DOE Advisory Enjoining All Distribution Utilities to Implement No Disconnection for Lifeline Customers, February 5, 2021


Bill insert in DECORP November 2020 bill jpg  pdf

ERC Advisory, October 29, 2020page 1  page 2