Application for Electric Service – General Power (Y) and Bulk Power (Z) Customers

  1. Certificates and Permits
    Obtain the following certificates and permits from the City or Municipal Engineering Office having jurisdiction over the location of the establishment:

    Dagupan Outside Dagupan
    1. Occupancy Certificate
    2. Electrical Permit
    3. Building Permit
    4. City Fire Department Certificate
    1. Mayor’s Permit
    2. Electrical Permit
    3. Zoning Certificate
    4. Building Permit

  2. Initial Submission
    Present the above certificates and permits to the DECORP office in Dagupan City -- Window 2 (for establishments in Dagupan) or Window 3 (for establishments outside Dagupan). At this time, it is not necessary to submit the documents, only to present them for viewing. An application form will then be given for filling out.

    Submit the following:

    1. Application form
    2. Electrical plan signed and sealed by a Professional Electrical Engineer
    3. Location sketch
    4. Electric bill of nearest neighbor (or their account number or meter number)
    5. Business documents, as follows:

      Single Proprietorship
      1. Business Registration
      2. Latest BIR Income Tax Return
      1. SEC Registration
      2. Articles of Partnership
      3. Letter signed by all partners authorizing the signatory to the contract
      1. SEC Registration
      2. Articles of Incorporation
      3. Corporate By-Laws
      4. Board Resolution or Secretary’s Certification authorizing the signatory to the contract

  3. Initial Inspection
    A DECORP engineer will conduct an initial inspection of the site, to determine whether the existing distribution facilities are sufficient to serve the applicant. The engineer will provide information on the standards for the service entrance, metering setup, and transformer (if one is to be provided by the customer), and on the payments required.

  4. Conforme Letter
    DECORP will send a Conforme letter and an Electric Service Contract to the applicant. The Conforme letter will indicate the payments to be made, and other conditions or requirements. The payments will consist of:

  5. Contract Submission, Payment, Issuance of Meter Base and Box
    Pay the specified amounts and submit the following to the DECORP office in Dagupan City:

    The signatory to the Conforme letter and the Electric Service Contract should be the applicant or, in the case of a Partnership or Corporation, the authorized representative. Other DECORP offices may be able to accept the payment and submission but only by prior arrangement.

    The meter base, meter box, and current transformer box (if applicable) will then be issued.

  6. Final Inspection
    A DECORP engineer will conduct a final inspection to verify correct installation of the service entrance, metering setup, and transformer. If satisfactory, electric service will begin shortly.

For additional information or questions, please call Customer Service.

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